Mayfair child killed!

Mayfair child killed!


Philadelphia area 7 year-old girl dies after struck by driver marking tragic week for city residents.

Philadelphia, PA(–On Tuesday, June 20, 2009, at 6:10 p.m., a 7-year-old girl was struck by a dark Ford pickup truck heading east on Unruh Avenue near Battersby Street, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Identified as Amanda, the 7-year-old rushed out between two parked cars and into the street, where she was struck, claims Philadelphia police officers in the Mayfair community. She was rushed to St. Christopher’s Hospital with injuries to the head and possibly the neck, and also showed signs of internal bleeding. According to police investigators, the driver remained at the scene and did not appear to be speeding at the time of the accident; he is not expected to be charged. Amanda died late last night as a result of the traumatic injuries she suffered in the car crash.

Sadly, this was not the only car accident to occur this week. Approximately an hour and a half after Amanda was struck, Rev. Joseph Accardi, of St. Bernard’s Parish, was leaving his vehicle and was struck by a car that left him pinned between two cars, police stated. Accardi was treated for facial injuries and broken ribs at Aria Health-Torresdale. According to the police, the driver stayed at the scene and was taken into custody under suspicion of DUI. Also, on Monday, 12-year-old Albert Tally Jr. was crushed by a tractor-trailer when he stumbled under the rear tire of the big rig. The incident occurred on Cottman Avenue near Cottage, roughly two blocks from St. Bernard’s. news for Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers.

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