New York personal injury lawyer News Flash – NYPD patrol car jumps curb seriously injuring 6!

New York City rogue police car strikes pedestrians injuring mother and baby.

New York, NY(–Witnessed by police and bystanders, an NYPD cruiser crashed into a Cadillac on East 6th Street and Avenue D, in New York City. The police car continued onto a sidewalk, slammed into a woman and her baby, and several other pedestrians, on Tuesday according to the New York Daily News.

The 22-year-old mom and 7-month-old baby were treated at Beth Israel Medical Center for the injuries they suffered when they were struck by the NYPD patrol car. Witnesses reported that the mother fell back with the baby in her arms when she was hit by the out-of-control cruiser. NYPD detectives investigating the automobile accident reported a construction worker, who was also on the sidewalk when the police car jumped the curb, suffered a fractured thigh and a head injury.

A street vendor, standing nearby, tried to run from the oncoming car, but was unable to do so and suffered injuries requiring medical treatment, including a broken ankle. Also treated at the hospital, by doctors and nurses, were both of the officers riding in the cruiser plus both the driver and passenger from the Cadillac. There are some conflicting reports regarding the cruiser’s lights and to whether witnesses thought it was speeding. news for New York personal injury lawyers.

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