Indiana truck wreck lawyer – Dodge pickup truck wreck claims Indiana family!

Indiana family en route to Disney burns to death in wreck involving 2 semi-trucks.

Indianapolis, IN(—A family trip turned tragic for an Indiana family on their way to Florida to visit their grandmother and Disney World. The entire Hobart family was killed in a fiery wreck when their pickup truck was crushed in-between two 18-wheelers, as reported by Northwest Indiana Times.

The Hobart family identified as Brian W. Workman, 33; his wife Joanna L. Workman, 31; and their children, Ashley Workman, 13, Tyler Workman, 8, and Ryan Workman, 1, were all killed when they were traveling southbound on Interstate 65 at U.S. 231. The family was reportedly on their way to Florida to visit their paternal grandmother who had never seen the youngest child, Ryan. The vacationing Hobarts also planned to visit the “happiest place on earth”, Disney World.

Indiana State Police report, around 4:02 a.m., a semi-truck driver, identified as Forest E. Stover, 58, of Huber Heights, Ohio, was unable to stop at a red light and smashed into the back of the Hobart’s Dodge pickup truck. The force of the fatal collision caused the pickup truck to rear-end another semi truck stopped at the red light in front of the Workman’s truck. The force of the collision caused the pickup truck to catch fire, burning the five victims trapped inside the pinned pickup truck. The Lake County Coroners office stated the cause of death of the five family members was blunt force trauma and extensive burns to their bodies. news for Indiana truck wreck lawyers.

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