Hialeah K-9 unit crashes into canal injures 2

Hialeah K-9 unit crashes into canal injures 2


South Florida police K-9 cruiser and teen driver crash into Hialeah canal.

Miami, FL(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–According to the Miami Herald, a collision between officer Joe Thomas’s cruiser traveling with his K-9 dog Shaq, and 19 year old, Jenny Dominguez’s motor vehicle occurred on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009, at 11:15 am, near 37th street in Hialeah, Florida. Officer Thomas was speeding north on West 4th Avenue, responding to an emergency call, when both cars swerved out of control and plowed through barriers near a Hialeah canal. The motor vehicle collision (MVC) sent both vehicles into the Hialeah canal that runs parallel to West 4th Avenue, the cause of the car crash is still unknown.

According to Miami-Dade area police officials, a man witnessed the crash and pulled over to help. The “Good Samaritan” jumped into the water and used his forearm to break Dominguez’s window, and pulled her out of the water to safety. Thomas, a Hialeah police officer, was able to open his window and swim to safety. With the dog in the back seat and the car filled up with murky water, Thomas jumped back into the canal, with other officers who arrived on the scene and pried open the small window behind the driver’s seat and pulled out the K-9 dog, Shaq. Police took Shaq to Aventura Animal Hospital where he was in stable condition.

According to Miami area police officials, Dominguez suffered minor injuries and was transported to Palm Springs Hospital by emergency medical services (EMS) personnel. Officer Thomas was treated at Palmetto Hospital for the injuries he suffered in the Hialeah car crash. As for the “Good Samaritan”, police withheld his name, and he was treated at Palmetto Hospital for cuts on his arm. The fault of the automobile accident is yet to be determined according to Hialeah roadway accident investigators.

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