Blue Cross settles $1 million autism lawsuit!

Over 100 families to recover autism therapy fees after Blue Cross refused claims.

Detroit, MI(–Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan settled with about 100 plaintiff’s for $1 million in Detroit’s U.S. District Court regarding unpaid autism therapy. According to the Attorney General, families paid $10,000 for behavioral therapy treatments at Beaumont Hospital for their young autistic children. The parents and families of the autistic kids paid $10,000 for the specialized, needed therapy. The settlement will help families who paid for the costly treatment at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, since 2003.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will now offer the behavioral treatment for young autistic children who are covered under their parent’s group mental health policies provided by employers. The insurance coverage will be available to children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old for up to 12 weeks of treatment. This is only applicable if the parent’s employer offers mental health coverage through Blue Cross. news for Michigan insurance litigation lawyers.

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