American auto owners lose rights!

Chrysler and GM auto owners lose rights in bankruptcy court.

Dallas, TX(—Thousands of Chrysler and GM motor vehicle owners are asking the question, where is the justice? ABC affiliate, 9 News reported, Chrysler and GM, which are both seeking federal aid to stay in business, did not set aside any money in the companies bankruptcy plans for drivers killed or injured by any alleged automobile defects. As Justice News Flash reported last week, the Italian automaker, Fiat, which recently became a partner in the “new” Chrysler, renamed as Chrysler Group LLC, is asking in bankruptcy court the right to not be held liable for any “old” Chrysler’s defects. When Congress finalizes the deal, it will leave 14,566 current claims and any future claims against GM and Chrysler manufacturers null and voided. Currently, Chrysler has 2,624 claims and General Motors has 11,942 against the automakers nationwide.

Product liability attorneys are urging Congress to establish a victims’ fund to take care of any claims filed against the automakers. Otherwise, New York litigators are worried Medicare and Medicaid funds will have to be used for any injury claims arising from the two auto manufacturers. Victim rights activists are concerned potential consumers will not be educated about the dangers or defects in any GM, or Chrysler automobiles if there are less litigations and claims against the manufacturers. Reportedly, thirty attorneys generals have joined in the petition against the bankruptcy proceedings, because the automakers will leave consumers without legal recourse against the companies. According to the Safety Research and Strategies in Massachusetts, GM reportedly held 38 percent of all death and injury claims of all auto manufacturers.

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