Washington Metro trains collide-death toll 4!

Two Washington Metro trains traveling on same track crash and kill engineer.

Washington, D.C.(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Breaking News:Washington D.C. Fire Rescue are on location at a two train collision on the red line of near the Fort Trotten Metro station. The fatal two train crash happened shortly after 5 p.m., and four are now confirmed dead, one a train engineer. Washington D.C. Fire Rescue and search teams continue to scour the wreckage for remaining commuters who may be trapped inside the train cars.

CNN Breaking News reports the Metro train was pitched into the air and landed atop an oncoming commuter train at a 45 degree angle. Victims are still being removed from the wreckage and receiving treatment at a nearby mass casualty triage staging area. Numerous passengers have suffered serious injuries and emergency medical personnel (EMS) crews are beginning to transport the injured to local hospitals. Metro has shut down the entire commuter red line and officials confirmed both trains were on the same track at the time of the crash. Commuters waiting for the trains for travel are being bused off the Langley Park Bridge at the intersection of 3rd and Ogelthorpe N.E.

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