Pennsylvania town contaminates public swimming pool!

Cambria County town illegally dumps toxic asbestos at recreation spots.

Pittsburgh, PA(–Nanty Glo, a small borough in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, is embroiled in accusations of illegal dumping of asbestos materials in one of the town’s popular recreation spots, Nanty Glo Park and Pool, as reported by WJACTV. The whistler blower, Tom Kasecky, a former Nanty Glo Sewer Authority employee, has begun telling the story of the borough’s illegal dumping practices. During the time Kasecky was employed by the Sewer Authority, he claims the Pennsylvania borough dumped old crushed asbestos containing pipes beside the Nanty Glo Park and Pool during the 1970s. The former Nanty Glo Sewer Authority worker further asserts borough contractors have continued to dump the crushed asbestos pipes until the last few years.

Kasecky revealed the dumping continued, even though the health affects of the hazardous asbestos materials are well known by contractors. Asbestos is a known toxic material to humans. Primary and secondary exposure to asbestos and asbestos containing materials can cause respiratory illnesses and fatal diseases like mesothelioma lung cancer. There is no known level of safe exposure to asbestos.
Federal and state laws require licensed asbestos abatement contractors perform the demolition and removal of asbestos containing materials. The abated asbestos materials are required by federal and state laws be disposed of by licensed asbestos demolition and removal contractors at certified asbestos dumping areas.

The Nanty Glo Park and Pool, is an attractive recreational facility for many Nanty Glo borough families. The Cambria County recreation facility offers a wide array of activities for families, such as walking trails, fishing, recreational hunting, camping, swimming, and an array of sports courts. A stream that feeds into Davis run, a popular fishing spot, is speculated to be contaminated by seepage of asbestos and sludge from runoff originating from the dumping site near the stream, playground, and camping area. Apparently Nanty Glo residents claim they have been asking the borough lawmakers and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to take actions to clean up the contaminated park for years without any success. news for Pennsylvania asbestos injury lawyers.

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