Dallas product liability lawyer-Amy K. Witherite-alerts Chrysler owners lose!

Dallas product liability attorney-Amy K-say Chrysler consumers lose and Fiat wins!

Dallas, TX(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Questions arise with Chrysler’s come back from its 42-day reorganization through bankruptcy court and it’s recent coalition with Italian automobile manufacturer, Fiat. The “old” Chrysler LLC is now currently and formally known as the Chrysler Group LLC but as a result of the bankruptcy and new partnership, the company’s liability policies will not be transferred to the new version of Chrysler. As a result, plaintiffs, attorneys and other dissatisfied individuals are left asking what, if any, compensation would the hundreds of drivers and passengers involved in Chrysler related car crashes due to defective automobiles obtain?

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,497 personal injury and wrongful death cases in the past five years had claims that their defective Chrysler vehicles were the cause of these injuries or fatalities. Also, American automobile manufacturers including Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corporation (GM), recalled thousands of defective SUVs and pick-up trucks this year, as informed by Consumer Reports.
At this time, pending lawsuits filed against Chrysler due to automobile malfunctions that have caused serious injury and even death amount to approximately $2 billion, as reported by CNN. Since Chrysler is indeed a limited liability company (LLC), in the event of a lawsuit, the company itself, rather than it’s owners would be sued. Due to an odd clause in the Supreme Court’s recent approval of the bankruptcy of Chrysler LLC, all product liability has, basically, been dropped. This simply means Chrysler’s remaining assets are likely to be divided among creditors rather than injured Chrysler consumers and suffering family members with product liability claims.


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