New York approves massive bird extermination!

New York mayor approves the mass killing of at least 2,000 Canadian Geese.

New York, NY(–The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, and the Port Authority has brought a new meaning to “your goose is cooked”. Bloomberg announced a plan to wipe out at least 2,000 Canadian geese living within a five-mile radius of LaGuardia and Kennedy airports, as reported by the New York Daily News.

The plan to target at least 2,000 Canadian geese living and nesting within a five-mile radius of LaGuardia and Kennedy airports, and then gas them on nearby Rikers Island, ruffled the feathers of many citizens across the United States. New York politicians say federal wildlife officials have been instructed to round up the Canadian geese during their molting season when the geese are unable to fly. The target areas for collecting the geese include 40 city parks near the major New York airports, such as Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and Fort Totten. The Port Authority is also planning to train and arm personnel to shoot down birds if an emergency situation arises.

Already, over the past six years, it is reported that 1,200 geese have been captured and gassed on Rikers Island, home to the New York jail facility. The plan was an effort to reduce the geese population, thus lowering the likelihood of disastrous collisions with commercial airliners that are landing and taking off from area airports. New York lawmakers say tougher measures had to be taken when the bird strike forced Flight 1549 to land in the Hudson River.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) report there have been 77 goose strikes in New York City in the past 10 years. Researchers claim, in numerous New York studies, resident Canadian geese stay within a five-mile radius of a particular location, and 74 percent of wildlife strikes happen near the airport. news for New York general litigation attorneys.

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