FHP seeking 2 Pasco County drivers!

FHP seeking 2 Pasco County drivers!


Pasco County woman hit and killed by 2 different motor vehicles.

Tampa Bay, FL(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–A hit and run accident took the life of a 53 year-old Tarpon Springs woman in Pasco County, Florida on Friday night. The St. Petersburg Times reports the hit and run wreck involved two vehicles, both of which fled the scene. Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) state troopers say the first vehicle, a dark-colored pickup truck, crashed into the victim, Geraldine D. “Ba Ba” Ford, at approximately 10:45 p.m. Friday night. Holiday area police investigators state Ford, a lifelong Pinellas County resident, was at the intersection of U.S. 19 and Moog Road. She was hit by the pickup truck as she was crossing U.S. 19. The pickup truck, which may have been a dark navy blue Chevy Silverado, did not stop after colliding with Ford. The driver of the second vehicle, a red sedan, ran over Ford and continued driving. Pasco County paramedics were unable to revive Ford.

Pasco County police officials say Estelle Wadley, Ford’s best friend, picked Ford up earlier that day to help with Wadley’s grandchildren and do some housework in Holiday. When it got late, Ford wanted to buy a phone card to call her son, Wayne Ford, to pick her up. Ford walked to a nearby drugstore with Wadley’s brother and bought a $30 phone card. As they were crossing U.S. 19, walking back to Wadley’s house, Ford asked Wadley’s brother if he had her cigarette lighter. Seconds later, as Wadley’s brother turned around, Ford was struck by the dark-colored pickup truck and thrown into the air.

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