Chuck E. Cheese throws out black families!

Chuck E. Cheese throws out black families!


Indiana are Chuck E. Cheese sued for discrimination against black families.

Indianapolis, IN (—Three African-American families filed a lawsuit and named Chuck E. Cheese; Texas-based parent company, CEC Entertainment; along with Chuck E. Cheese Castleton restaurant manager, Ken McGill, based on allegations of racism at two of the pizza chain’s Indianapolis area restaurants, as reported by Indy Star.

Chuck E. Cheese, a chain of family entertainment centers, with more than 542 stores across North America is accused of racism, failure to seat African-American customers, threats of arrest, and rude behavior towards black customers by the plaintiff’s attorneys. The lawsuit, filed Monday in the Indianapolis U.S. District Court, asserts three African-American families visited the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant with their children, at the West 38th Street location in Castleton, for birthday parties in the past 12 months, and received unfair treatment from the pizza chain’s manager, Ken McGill.

The lawsuit states McGill’s behavior ruined Tiffany and Curtis Thompson’s 4-year-old birthday party when the restaurant manager acted rudely to the family and partygoers. When the Thompson’s complained, CEC’s response was only to move the former manager to the Castleton location. When Dashawn Dingle tried to have a birthday party for her 2-year-old, in November, she claimed they were ejected from the restaurant with threats of arrest. The family of Antaneesha Fletcher attempted to hold a birthday party, in February, for their daughter, but was refused service by McGill. All of the above parents are African-American.

According to the Indiana plaintiff’s attorneys, this isn’t the first lawsuit filed against Chuck E. Cheese, and the former manager, McGill. Minority customers sued for similar racial treatment at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, involving McGill. The previous lawsuit was resolved in April for an undisclosed amount. news for Indiana general litigation attorneys.

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