West Palm Beach criminal lawyers-Florida home renter shoots man violating property!

West Palm Beach criminal lawyers-Florida home renter shoots man violating property!


Royal Palm Beach home renter shoots man allegedly burglarizing property.

West Palm Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–A Loxahatchee area young man was shot and killed stemming from an altercation involving a trailer, as reported by the Palm Beach Post. Unconfirmed accusations claim a 22-year-old Acreage man entered a Royal Palm Beach lessee’s property and a fight over the resident’s trailer ended in a fatal shooting late Tuesday afternoon.

The victim identified by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) http://www.pbso.org/, as Jason Boden, 22, of Loxahatchee, was shot at least once and fatally wounded. According to PBSO crime scene accident investigator’s initial reports, Boden and the man renting the home, on the 5800 block of Coconut Boulevard, had a fight involving the owner’s trailer. The man fired a handgun at Boden sometime during the altercation, which took place around 4 p.m., Tuesday. Boden was pronounced dead at the scene. Sheriff’s detectives continue to investigate the fatal shooting of Boden and the renter’s rights regarding his dwelling and property. So far, reports do not indicate the resident was charged with any crime.

This unfortunate incident is bringing to light Florida’s highly controversial “Stand Your Ground” Law, which allows Florida property owners or renters to combat force with force, including the use of deadly force. The “Stand Your Ground” law, Florida statute 776.013, also known as the Castle Doctrine, says if your property has curtilage you have the right to defend yourself. After consulting Wikipedia and Palm Beach County criminal law litigator, Kelly V. Landers, curtilage is defined as, “a completely enclosed area of land around a dwelling, such as a fence with no gaps.”

Top West Palm Beach criminal attorney Landers says, “The current state of the law reads, if someone is committing a forcible felony upon you, you have no duty to retreat, and you may respond with equal force.” The shooting is still being investigated whether or not the renter, who shot Boden, falls under the “Stand Your Ground Law” is yet to be determined. Insiders with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, who wish to remain anonymous, believe two other unidentified Acreage young men were involved in the burglary attempt at the Royal Palm Beach home. The unidentified men are apparently locals, known to associate with Boden on a regular basis. The two assailants are believed to be connected to the alleged burglary attempt and may have fled the scene at the time of Jason’s shooting death.

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