California preschool teacher plus toddler struck by car!

Live Oak mother smashes car into pedestrian school teacher and toddler son.

Live Oak, CA(–A vehicle launched into a fence and struck two people, one of which was a four year-old boy, on Wednesday. Mercury News reports the car accident happened around 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning at an elementary school in Live Oak, California. Santa Cruz County police officials say a green 1997 Subaru Legacy jerked forward out of the Green Acres Elementary School parking lot. The vehicle then went through a fence and landed on the sidewalk. A mother, who is a preschool teacher, and her four year-old son, were walking on the sidewalk when the vehicle suddenly struck them. The driver of the car, a mother in her thirties, was dropping her child off at the Green Acres preschool. Live Oak area roadway accident investigators suggest the driver accelerated her vehicle when she was trying to brake. California police authorities say the preschool teacher was hit in the forehead by a part of the fence. The teacher’s four year-old child was pinned beneath the driver’s vehicle.

The Subaru also hit a white Chevrolet Suburban SUV. It has not been reported whether the other vehicle carried any occupants at the time of the collision. California paramedics report the driver, whose name is unknown, and her child passenger, did not suffer any major injuries. The teacher, whose name has also not been released, suffered serious injuries to the head. Her four year-old child suffered minor injuries. Both the teacher and her child were airlifted by Santa Cruz County emergency medical personnel to a trauma center for treatment by doctors and nurses. news for California personal injury lawyers.

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