2 Salt Lake City I-15 crashes kill 1 SUV driver and injure several others.

Salt Lake City, UT(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Around 11:30 a.m., Saturday morning, a distracted tow truck driver initiated a motor vehicle collision (MVC) while driving through the construction zone on I-15 in Davis County. As reported by KSL-TV, NBC news affiliate, Salt Lake City, the motor vehicle collision (MVC) involved three other automobiles, resulting in one driver fatality. Utah Highway Patrol fatality accident investigators claim the truck driver may have looked down momentarily, and when he returned his vision to the roadway, discovered he was approaching a continuator where the construction starts to lane shift. The tow truck proceeded to crash through the construction barrier and collided with a Honda SUV driver. Michael Carver, the 57-year-old SUV driver, from Bountiful, died in the truck wreck.

The tow truck then struck a pickup truck and continued on to land on top of a Toyota Camry. The tow truck driver was injured along with the two passengers in the pickup truck who also suffered some injury. The driver of the Toyota Camry managed to climb out of the back of his car and reportedly suffered serious injuries. As with most serious highway SUV wrecks involving big trucks and pickups traffic slowed with drivers and passengers viewing the fatal SUV accident scene. A motorcyclist and passenger were ejected off their bike when the brakes locked up of the motorcycle locked up. Salt Lake City area emergency medical services (EMS) personnel crews transported the biker and passenger by air to a Davis County area hospital for treatment of their critical injuries.

In response to the multiple vehicle weekend wreck involving a tow truck, SUV, pickup truck, car, and a motorcylce, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) http://dot.utah.gov added more barrels to the roadway construction. The increased safety measures are to warn drivers so they have more time to merge away from highway construction sites, reported ABC 4 News. Drivers are being urged to slow down and pay close attention especially when passing through construction zones on all Utah highways and roadways. Though speeding tickets and fines have doubled in construction zones for years, the average speed in a 55 m.p.h., construction area, according to a recent two-week study, was actually 75 m.p.h. With approximately 280 road construction sites throughout the state, it is crucial that all drivers stay alert for their own safety and the safety of construction workers and other drivers.

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