Sheehan protests George W. Bush’s Texas ranch!

Cindy Sheehan continues anti Iraqi War protests against Bush at Texas ranch.

Dallas, TX(–Cindy Sheehan, a zealous anti-war activist, whose son was tragically killed in the war on Iraq, led a protest Monday, near George W. Bush’s Preston Hollow home on Daria Place, as reported by Dallas Morning News. Organizers of the anti-war protest proclaim they are fighting for crimes against humanity that took place during the Bush Administration. The Dallas Peace Center, an organization involved with Sheehan since 2005, is sponsoring the protest. Activists gathered around 4:30 p.m. a few blocks from the Bush home in Crawford, Texas. The route of the demonstration started at the southwest corner of Preston Road and Royal Lane, then continued for about a mile to John J. Pershing Elementary School, which is located directly across from the gates leading to the lavish Bush home.

Reportedly the organizers of the march did not apply for a permit with the city, so they are required, by law to stay on the sidewalks. They are not to cross or impede any major streets either. Cindy Sheehan may be best known for her outstanding and radical anti-war protests against the former president, George W. Bush, when her son Casey Sheehan was killed in the Iraq War. In August 2005, she set up a makeshift camp outside the Bush’s Texas ranch, which drew national and local attention to her cause. In 2008, Sheehan ran unsuccessfully for Congress. news for Texas general litigation lawyers.

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