Phoenix Metro Bus crashes Metro Rail train!

Multiple passengers and Metro driver injured in commuter bus versus train crash.

Phoenix, AZ(–A motor vehicle collision (MVC) between a bus and a train injured eight people on Thursday morning. The Arizona Republic reports the 2-vehicle collision took place in downtown Phoenix at approximately 6:40 a.m. at the intersection of First Avenue and Washington Street. Maricopa County police officials say the Route 8 Valley Metro bus was turning right, traveling over the train tracks, to proceed onto Washington Street when the bus slammed into the two-car train transporting approximately 30 passengers. Metro personnel have indicated the train had moderate damage in the front, while the bus had moderate damage in the rear. Phoenix police investigators obtained video footage of the 2-vehicle wreck which showed a traffic signal clearing the train to move through the intersection, while the bus had a red turn signal. Arizona roadway accident investigators say it may take over a week to examine the cause of the train-bus wreck.

Maricopa County emergency medical services (EMS) personnel transported the train operator to a local hospital after he sustained injuries. Seven passengers were also taken to an area hospital by Phoenix paramedics to undergo tests and receive treatment for their serious injuries by doctors and nurses. The names of the two drivers have not been released. The Valley Metro bus driver was not cited for the MVC. Passengers experienced a 40 minute delay while Arizona police detectives evaluated the damages to the vehicles. news for Arizona personal injury lawyers.

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