North Carolina Lawyers Weekly Announces the Winners of the First Annual Best Law Firm Web Site Contest – Divorce Lawyer Website developed by Law Firm Website Design Firm

Charlotte, NC(–Since a law firm’s web site has become an integral part of every practice, Lawyers Weekly has initiated the first of many, annual Best Law Firm Web Site Contests with the end goal of setting a benchmark for the entire bar. The publisher, David Blackwell, stated “We hope this contest will benefit the entire bar by showcasing innovation and creativity among their peers.”

The criteria used in the selection process included elements of design, branding and positioning, communication and focus and web visibility. The competition was divided into three judging categories, small, medium and large firms. The Raleigh family law site of Gailor Wallis and Hunt was selected as the to prizewinner in the medium category. The judges appreciated the “consumer-centric design, and use of imagery and visuals” and said its content was “topically organized based on consumer needs.”

The branding and consumer focus are hallmarks of Cepac designed sites and Cepac takes particular pride in this honor bestowed upon one of their most esteemed clients. Cepac also commends Lawyers Weekly for including web visibility, the ease of finding the site in a Google, Yahoo or related search, as one of the criteria for the contest. Cepac strongly believes that having a great web design is only one piece of the puzzle.

Rene Perras, VP of Marketing is quoted as saying that “the ultimate web victory goes to law firms, lawyers and attorneys who have invested in the right web software technology and have built user and spider friendly websites for their firms.”

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