2 Boca Raton children die in freak Florida SUV accident!

2 Boca Raton children die in freak Florida SUV accident!


2 Boca Raton girls die in weekend sleep over from SUV carbon monoxide fumes.

BOCA RATON, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)—Two Loggers Run Middle School students were found dead from carbon monoxide fumes originating from an idling SUV in the family’s garage on Sunday morning. Caitlin Brondolo and Amber Wilson, both 11 year-olds, whom have been best friends since kindergarten, passed away during a sleepover at Amber’s home on the 11541 Island Lakes Lane as reported by The Palm Beach Post.

Loretta Wilson, 45, mother of Amber woke around 9 a.m. and tried to wake her daughter Amber and her friend Caitlin. Loretta, who dialed 911 was too affected by the fumes to communicate with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel and was taken to West Boca Medical Center, where she didn’t know the state of the two young girls until hours later. Emergency Workers found one girl deceased in a front bedroom and one girl in the kitchen. A small family dog was affected by the incident and treated by the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control then later returned to neighbors after determining the pet was OK.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department detectives revealed the mother claimed after she returned from a trip to the neighborhood Walmart, around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, she was unable to turn off the Ford SUV’s engine. Wilson allegedly pulled the SUV into the attached garage, closed the garage door, went inside, and fell asleep. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputies said Wilson may have left the vehicle running in the closed garage.

Boca Raton area police investigators searched Wilson’s home on Sunday morning to find her car keys on the kitchen counter and the Ford automobile in the garage with a half tank of fuel. As of right now there is no indication of foul play and this appears to be a tragic accident. The Sheriff’s special investigation division and the Department of Children and Families are working together investigating the girls’ deaths.

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