Jaguar Land Rover fined $21.1 million!

Los Angeles judge orders Jaguar Land Rover to pay $21.1 million for rollover injury.

Los Angeles, CA(–Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Robert H. O’Brien, orders Jaguar Land Rover to pay $21.1 million in damages to a man who was paralyzed when his Land Rover Discovery SUV rolled over on the 118 Freeway in 2003. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the Simi Valley, SUV driver was catastrophically injured when his Land Rover Discovery rolled over several times causing the roof to collapse resulting in permanent injury and disfigurement to the victim.

According to legal documents, the judgment was issued in the L.A. Superior Court on May 18, 2009. The 53 year-old SUV driver, Sukhsagar Pannu, suffered a massive spinal cord injury causing him to lose the use of his arms and legs permanently. Civil litigation lawyers for Pannu, specializing in California personal injury cases involving defective products, claim the judicial verdict will help the permanently injured SUV driver, his three children, and his parents. His family provides the former Hong Kong field hockey player with 24 hour care since the traumatic SUV rollover accident.

Personal injury lawyers for the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Jaguar Land Rover automaker asserting the Discovery SUV’s high center of gravity made the motor vehicle highly susceptible to rollovers. When SUV’s rollover it is not uncommon for the automobile’s roof to collapse and cause serious damages and injuries to drivers and passengers including death. Attorneys representing Jaguar Land Rover, which was acquired from Ford Motor Company, in 2008, by Tata Motors, an Indian automobile manufacturer plan to appeal the multimillion dollar court verdict. Business litigation attorneys say this is a huge hit for the already struggling auto maker. Product liability verdicts involving Discovery Land Rover SUV’s on a larger scale have not been reported. news for California personal injury cases involving product liability claims.

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