Hurricane Katrina victims sue Louisiana government!

Louisiana Supreme Court rules Katrina victims can sue Jefferson Parish government.

New Orleans, LA(–The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled Jefferson Parish government can be sued by personal injury lawyers representing Hurricane Katrina victims for their inadequate disaster management plan. The Times Picayune reported the recent, 6-1, high court judicial ruling that revealed Jefferson Parish officials used a disaster management plan developed long before the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster which wiped out numerous Parishes in Louisiana.

Government lawyers representing Jefferson Parish have argued they should be immune for any decisions made during the height of the emergency during Hurricane Katrina when it wreaked havoc over the state of Louisiana and caused wide spread flooding and catastrophic damage to the New Orleans area and its residents. The Supreme Court upheld the Louisiana state appellate court’s decision granting the government immunity from liability.

The recent high court ruling is marked as a small win in a long up hill battle for civil litigation attorneys representing thousands of innocent New Orleans area residents who suffered massive and catastrophic property damage at the hands of Hurricane Katrina. Louisiana personal injury attorneys assert a faulty evacuation plan and emergency management policy, enacted years before 2005, caused the massive flooding damage because Jefferson Parish government officials evacuated key administration personnel responsible for operating the drainage pumps before Katrina hit. The former Jefferson Parish President, Aaron Broussard, was named in multiple lawsuits filed in October 2005 along with many other key government officials. He may now be held liable for damages and injuries suffered by the victims if plaintiffs attorneys can prove Broussard acted with “willful misconduct” which led to the massive flooding. news for Louisiana personal injury attorneys.

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