Senators demand cigarette companies stop children ad campaigns!

Legislation supporting FDA power over cigarette makers goes to Senate vote.Washington, D.C.(–Reuters reported a U.S. Senate panel supported legislation aimed at controlling the advertising and manufacturing of cigarettes and other tobacco products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last Wednesday. The bill is now slated for a vote by the entire Senate and a similar law passed the House of Representatives in April.Provided this new legislation is signed by President Barack Obama, who seems to support the measure, the FDA would have new authority over the tobacco industry. Recent studies reveal 2.7 million children in the United States smoke, and this new law allows the FDA to restrict the multibillion dollar tobacco industry by dictating package warnings, nicotine content control, and restrict the advertising and marketing of tobacco products, like cigarettes, to children.Product liability lawyers and toxic tort attorneys have continued their fight against the deceptive practices of tobacco manufacturers and cigarette makers. Recent judicial rulings at state and federal court levels continue to assert tobacco company leaders knowingly hid the harmful and even fatal affects of tobacco use by innocent consumers for decades. According to government statistics, some 400,000 Americans dies every year from cancer, heart disease and numerous other tobacco related illnesses and news for Washington government health and law attorneys.

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