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/ Perras/ 05/22/2009
Florida, Justice News Flash – When it comes to lawyer web marketing the greater share of the work is done off-page rather than on-page.  On page optimization includes techniques like the use of key word rich content, spider friendly web design, anchor text, meta tags and title tags, to name a few.  While on page optimization is important, Google’s search algorithm has a heavy focus on the number of inbound links from other sites that have better ranking than yours and those that are considered authority sites.

Every high quality link that points to a page on your site is like getting a vote of confidence in the eyes of the search engines. The number and quality of links that point to your site are two of the multitude of factors that the search engine algorithms include in site ranking.  There are many ways to build links, like directory submissions for example, but one of the most cost effective strategies is called link baiting.

Link baiting is a technique that is focused on increasing these high quality and highly relevant links to your site.  One component of this technique is to launch a PR style campaign that can include the distribution of news and press releases that contain useful information or fresh news.  For personal injury attorneys providing readers with your experience or inside tips on how to handle various aspects of accidents or injuries can be very beneficial.  The idea is to have the release picked up by bloggers and social media users who in turn help promote the article. Link building should be accomplished with a long view and in an ethical manner.

Our lawyer marketing firm has developed Smart News Technology (attorny legal blog on power) for law firms that features a private label customized newsroom with the same look and feel as your firm’s web site. This is an essential tool in distributing news stories and press releases and has a unique optimization feature that gives each release the best possibility for pickup on the web.

For more information on newsroom products please contact: Rene Perras @ 561.346.2586


CepacLaw has also recently launched a brand new product to take public relations for attorneys and firms the extra mile. The news technology was created to give clients the ability to distribute press releases and news announcements via a built in news feed on their website. Attorneys and law firms are able to write and publish important information without having to go through the red tape of expensive distribution services that typically set their own strict guidelines for syndicating news. CepacLaw has teamed with a range of notable newswires that may pick up and carry one’s important release, possibly extending its reach globally.