Missouri Attorney General settles $500,000 wrongful termination lawsuit!

Wrongful termination lawsuit against Missouri Governor settled by lawyers.

Kansas City, MO(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–A settlement between former employee of the Office of the Governor, State of Missouri, Scott Eckersley and the Missouri Attorney General was announced on Friday. Employment law attorneys representing Eckersley, in his wrongful termination claim filed in court against former governor’s office Matthew Blunt was settled for $500,000.

Both plaintiff’s lawyers and attorneys for the named defendants maintain their positions in the employment law violations allegations. Jefferson City court documents filed by attorneys for Eckersley allege defamation and wrongful termination when he was fired by the Governor after discovering and waring the office about improper destruction of internal emails. The Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster, announced the settlement citing the mounting costs of defending the allegations has drained the Missouri State Legal Expense Fund of $1,348,952.07, to date. The continued costs of defending the current worker rights’ violations suit was not in the best interests of Missouri taxpayers.

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