1,600 pound gate kills 11 year-old Massachusetts boy!

Methuen school boy crushed and family settles wrongful death lawsuit.Boston, MA(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Timothy DiLeo, an 11 year-old Methuen boy was killed at Tenney Grammar School when a 1,600 pound unsecured iron gate crushed him on Labor Day 2007. As reported by the Boston Herald, the boy and his brother were playing at the Methuen school when the unhinged gate fell on them, killing Timothy and seriously injuring his brother.Personal injury lawyers, representing the Essex County grieving parents, filed a wrongful death lawsuit, in a Massachusetts court, against the City of Methuen and the Tenney Grammar School. Court documents claim the negligence of city and school officials led to the wrongful death of Timothy. The settlement agreement for $600,000 is the maximum amount under state law. Leaders for Methuen admitted liability for leaving the unsecured iron gate in an area children had access.JusticeNewsFlash.com news for Massachusetts wrongful death attorneys.

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