San Jose chemical spill evacuates hundreds!

AT&T evacuates hundreds after chemical spill injures 28.

San Jose, CA(–On Tuesday, some 325 people were evacuated from the AT&T building located at 3475 N. First St., by the San Jose Fire Department around noon. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, an employee mixed two chemical compounds while cleaning a refrigerator filled with rotting food. The chemical mixtures released harmful, toxic fumes sickening 28 employee in the building and forcing the evacuation of 325 workers.

San Jose area emergency medical services personnel (EMS) and fire rescue crews responded to the hazardous materials call and treated 28 people for vomiting and nausea and various other respiratory symptoms at the scene. Seven employees required treatment at area hospitals for their injuries. According workplace injury accident investigators, the woman cleaning the rotten food ridden fridge was suffering from a sinus problem and could not smell the chemicals. Hazardous materials experts assert workers, employees, and consumers should never mix chemicals.

When at work, always consult the Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), a chemical safety binder required by federal law to be available at work. The U.S. Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) is charged with workplace safety and regulating employment environments by enforcing federal and state safety standards. Employers are required by law to provide education, training, and protective equipment to employees working around and handling chemicals. news for California employment law attorneys.

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