NCAA and EA Sports sued in San Francisco federal court for profiting off college players.

San Francisco, CA (–Lawyers for former Nebraska quarterback, Sam Keller, filed a class-action lawsuit in a San Francisco federal court, on Tuesday, naming the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and EA Sports. Attorneys allege the video game manufacturer business of EA Sports and the NCAA makes money by using the names and likenesses of college players, as reported by the Associated Press.

Keller’s attorneys filed for class-action status in federal court for all former and current athletes whose names and likenesses have been marketed and sold by the video game maker. The NCAA strictly prohibits the use of college athletes names and identities for commercial purposes. The federal class-action legal claim would prohibit EA Sports from using, profiting, and marketing the names and likenesses of players in their video games or any other commercial production. The civil action also seeks an undetermined amount of pay and income for athletes EA Sports has profited from by using their names and identities. news for California general litigation attorneys.

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