Florida motorcycle crash lawyers-Rue Ziffra Firm – wins large bike wreck injury settlement!

Florida motorcycle crash lawyers-Rue Ziffra Firm – wins large bike wreck injury settlement!


Daytona Beach motorcycle  accident lawyers Rue Ziffra-announce $400,000 victory for seriously injured minor.

Daytona Beach, FL(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–The Florida personal injury law firm of Rue & Ziffra, located in Daytona Beach, recently settled a lawsuit for their underage, female client. The young woman, the skilled attorneys at the Daytona Beach motorcycle accident law firm represented, was a passenger seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck after being served alcohol. A 20 year-old female was the victim of a business establishment’s violation of the legal drinking limit law covered under Florida’s Dram Shop Act and fell prey to an adult intoxicated male.

The young woman was repeatedly served alcohol, as a minor, without being carded or even asked her legal age at a Florida liquor serving establishment. The bartenders and servers, at the Florida bar, also repeatedly served an adult, male motorcycle rider enough alcohol to attain a blood level of 0.199, two and a half times the Florida legal drinking limit. The drunk biker persuaded the intoxicated, underage female to accompany him on a motorcycle ride. The motorcycle biker crashed the chopper and caused serious injury to the young woman.

The Florida legislature passed a law, under the Dram Shop Act, which states business owners and their employees cannot serve alcohol to any person under the age of twenty-one. The Dram Shop Act clearly states it is also unlawful for an employee, worker, or owner of a restaurant, bar, or liquor retailer, to allow underage patrons to consume alcohol at their business. One of the top reasons Florida law makers and civil trial attorneys advocated for the passing of the Dram Shop Act is to protect young consumers from their own naive, foolish decisions.

The top personal injury lawyers with Rue & Ziffra fought for the rights of the seriously injured innocent, young woman and secured a settlement for $400,000 for her damages and injuries. The settlement agreement will help her recover from her enormous medical bills, both past and future plus compensate her for the pain and suffering from the injuries she suffered in the traumatic motorcycle accident. If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contacting an attorney, with the Daytona Beach, Florida, motorcycle accident law firm of Rue & Ziffra, may help you recover from the damages and injuries you suffered.


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