Former New York Mets-Roberto Alomar-settles AIDS lawsuit

Alomar’s lawyer settles HIV injury lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

New York, NY(–As reported by the New York Daily News, attorneys representing Ilya Dall, the 31 year-old girlfriend, of former New York Mets’ second baseman, Roberto Alomar, reached an undisclosed agreement in their HIV injury lawsuit. According to Brooklyn Federal Court records, Dall accused Alomar, a retired Major League Baseball player who won 10 Gold Gloves, of lying to her and exposing her to HIV. The New York personal injury legal team allege Alomar tested positive for AIDS in February 2006. The couple began dating in 2002 and separated in October 2008.

Dall’s attorneys filed the case in a Queens Supreme Court, in January 2009, citing Alomar lied to the plaintiff claiming he suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED). Civil trial attorneys representing Alomar transferred the case to a Brooklyn Federal Court because he lives in Florida, and Dall in Whitestone, Queens. Personal injury attorneys, for both parties, declined to comment on the settlement agreement. Dall initially sought $15 million in damages from Alomar who is considered to be one of the best second baseman in MLB history. Neither party disclosed their HIV status and no reports have confirmed either Alomar or Dall suffer from AIDS. news for New York personal injury plaintiffs.

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