Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Obtain $400,000 Award For Crash Victim

Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Obtain $400,000 Award For Crash Victim


Daytona Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com) — Most of us know that Florida law imposes a duty on business establishments that serve alcoholic beverages to ensure that their employees refrain from selling, furnishing, or giving alcoholic drinks to any person under the age of twenty-one. Likewise, it is also unlawful for an employee or agent of such an establishment to permit another employee or agent to serve an underage person or otherwise permit an underage person to consume alcoholic beverages on the business premises. Referred to as the Dram Shop Act, Florida statutes §§ 768.125 and 562.11 not only subject business owners to criminal liability for the willful and unlawful furnishing of alcohol to minors but also serve as the basis for imposing civil liability when minors are involved in accidents as a result of becoming intoxicated at a bar, restaurant or similar venue.

A twenty year-old young lady recently sought the legal services of Rue & Ziffra because she was the unfortunate victim of a local establishment’s carelessness in serving her numerous alcoholic beverages. The young lady presented no false identification nor did she misrepresent her age in any manner whatsoever. One of the aims of the Dram Shop Act is to protect minors, by virtue of their infancy, from making irresponsible and hazardous decisions that may put their safety and/or the safety of others in jeopardy. After becoming inebriated at the bar/restaurant, the female victim was persuaded to ride with an adult motorcyclist who had also been drinking at the same establishment. Additionally, the motorcycle operator was served so much alcohol at the establishment so as to allow him to attain a blood alcohol level of 0.199, nearly two and a half times the legal limit in Florida! The victim’s decision to accompany the intoxicated adult on a motorcycle venture is precisely the sort of irresponsible and dangerous decision the Dram Shop Act is designed to guard against. While driving intoxicated, the operator of the motorcycle crashed and caused the passenger-victim to sustain serious and considerable injuries.

Fortunately, the victim contacted Daytona Beach Florida Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Rue & Ziffra to represent her in her action for damages against the alcohol vendor. Our personal injury lawyers conducted a thorough investigation in an effort to put forth substantial and persuasive evidence that the business in question did not attempt to confirm the victim’s age at the time of sale or otherwise prohibit her from consuming alcohol at any time while she was on the business premises. Ultimately, Rue & Ziffra secured the victim a $400,000.00 settlement which will be used to help the victim pay her enormous medical bills, both past and future, and compensate her for the mental anguish and related pain and suffering she has had to endure as a result of the motorcycle accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile, motorcycle, or any other form of accident, contact the Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Rue & Ziffra so that our Florida accident lawyers professional team can help you achieve the award you and your family deserve.

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