H1N1 flu hysteria diverts German plane-forces Boston landing

United Airlines plane from Germany to Washington diverts to Boston with flu scare.

Boston, MA(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–United Airlines flight 903 from Germany en route to Washington, D.C., was diverted because a female passenger complained of flu like symptoms. As reported by Reuters, the international flight was expected to land in Washington, on Friday, when airport authorities instructed the pilot to land at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Airport staff, flight crews, and commercial airline supervisors are on heightened alert for travelers with flu like symptoms.

Massachusetts Port Authority confirmed a medical team would board the aircraft to evaluate the ill woman, and the other 260 people on board. The new H1N1 influenza type-A virus has struck 13 countries worldwide. Mexico’s government confirmed 9 deaths from the new flu strain with hundreds affected. Reports state people who have fallen ill outside of Mexico have suffered mildly and made a full recovery except of the one confirmed toddler who died in a Houston, Texas hospital. He was from Mexico and was visiting relatives.

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