Attorney Internet Marketing / PR using web – Law Firm Press Releases- Great Expectations Calling Law Firms

Attorney Internet Marketing / PR using web – Law Firm Press Releases- Great Expectations Calling Law Firms


New York City, NY (Justice News Flash) After achieving stellar results in court, many law firms still place their news and press releases through conventional PR firms and rely on them to deliver results.  Unfortunately in today’s online world the tried and true methods of the past can’t always deliver equally stellar results relevant to the way news is now consumed.  Even when PR firms release their news stories over large web-based distribution services, they often do not optimize the articles or press releases for the web so they are not indexed or picked up on the web and end up languishing in cyberspace.

Readership in newspapers and magazines is at an all time low and many are struggling for their very survival.  More and more consumers are getting their news from the Internet, so by enhancing the chances that Google News and other web wires services pick up your announcements, articles and press releases, you can increase the web profile of your law firm.  Results that can drive your new business programs are only achievable when prospects see your communications.  Conventional PR venues may be seen by your peers, but not as often by potential clients. uses a proprietary attorney newsroom product that provides law firms with the ability to control their own destiny.  By integrating Smart News Technology into a firm website, gives attorneys the power to log on to their own news engine, craft communications, and publish them to the web. At the click of a mouse they can be syndicated across a wide array of newswire partners reaching distribution networks including Google News.  The automated optimization feature gives each release the best opportunity to be picked up on the web, plus each release creates fresh, relevant content that becomes a part of your website, improving your rankings on the search engines.  Naturally, it also helps when the story is really newsworthy.

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