New York tops swine flu totals-45 CDC confirmed cases

CDC announces New York leads swine flu outbreak at 45 infected consumers.

New York, NY(–The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced the new totals on Tuesday with 64 confirmed swine cases including 45 in New York City. Five states have confirmed outbreaks of the swine influenza virus (H1N1) according to public health investigators. As reported by Bloomberg, Richard Besser, the head of the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, informed U.S. Consumers to expect hospitalizations and deaths from the deadly disease that has taken Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, hostage.

The World Health Organization (WHO) raised the global pandemic alert on Monday asserting the disease is no longer containable with confirmed outbreaks in the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, the United States, New Zealand and Spain. Mexico is the only country who has reported deaths at 152 to date and growing. The swine flu is a respiratory viral illness caused by type-A influenza and is confirmed to be also spreading by person to person contact by national and international health inspectors in New York. news for New York health and law plaintiffs.

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