Metrolink train kills Riverside teenager-funeral arrangements planned

Metrolink train kills Riverside teenager-funeral arrangements planned


Metrolink commuter train hits and kills Arlington High School teen in Riverside.

Los Angeles, CA(–Funeral arrangements for the 14 year-old Arlington High School student who was hit and killed by a Riverside Metrolink commuter train on Wednesday will be held on Tuesday in Downey. As reported the Los Angeles Times, Samuel Sung Jae Shin was crossing the railroad tracks at Jackson Street at about 7:44 a.m. Wednesday morning when he was struck by an eastbound passenger train at the railroad crossing.

According to Metrolink train crash investigators, the railroad crossing gates were down, the bells were ringing and the Metrolink engineer slammed on the brakes and sounded the horn repeatedly. The Riverside County student was hit by the train and died instantly. Riverside Unified School District psychologists were available at Arlington High to speak with struggling students and at Hawthorne Elementary School for several students who witnessed the fatal crash and aftermath train wreckage. The funeral service at California Mortuary, 9830 Lakewood Boulevard, begins at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. news for California wrongful death lawyers.

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