Florida Defective Medical Device Attorney – Alan Ziffra Report Shoulder Pain Pumps Cause Serious Injury

Orlando – FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com) — Automatic or intra-articular pain pumps are medical devices that are implanted during joint surgery in an effort to provide relief directly to the joints of post-operative patients. An infusion pain pump operates to alleviate post-op joint pain and decrease recovery time by infusing pain medication directly into the shoulder or affected joint area. Pain pumps used to treat joints are typically employed for two to three days subsequent to arthroscopic surgery. Though arthroscopic surgery is less invasive than an open surgical procedure, most post-arthroscopic surgery patients still experience considerable pain. While the Food and Drug Administration approved the pump for use in tissue around the shoulder, the FDA never approved the direct injection of pain medication into the joint via the pump.

Unfortunately, recent medical research indicates that the direct infusion of pain medication into the joint has a heightened potential to cause serious cartilage destruction. The cartilage destruction in many adversely affected patients has been so severe that it has resulted in permanent disability and has even required complete joint replacement surgery. Symptoms of such cartilage breakdown include joint weakness, stiffness, intense pain, diminished range of motion in the affected joint, and abnormal sounds being emitted from the joint when put into motion. For example, clicking, grinding, and popping sounds may indicate cartilage destruction. While many cases of cartilage breakdown occurred in patients that underwent shoulder surgery, similar damage has been witnessed in patients who had operations on their knees, hips, ankles and even toes.
It has been estimated that as many as 63 percent of patients who have used a pain pump subsequent to arthroscopic shoulder surgery will develop significant problems due to cartilage breakdown caused by the direct insertion of the pump into the joint.

It has been alleged that the manufacturers of the pain pumps neglected to notify doctors and surgeons that such intra-articular use of the device was specifically rejected by the FDA. Indeed, at least some of the problem is to be found in the manufacturers’ marketing and advertising practices. While some patients have mistakenly blamed their surgeons for committing malpractice, they have later found out that the negligent pain pump manufacturers are much more blameworthy.

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