Lawsuit filed against South Florida homebuilder Lennar Corporation

Lennar Corporation sued in Florida U.S. District Court for defective Chinese drywall.

Tampa Bay, FL(–Plaintiff’s attorneys filed a lawsuit against Lennar Corp., a nationwide home builder, in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida claiming the company used toxic defective drywall made in China during construction of their residences. According to legal documents filed in court, Lennar used drywall that contains high levels of sulfur, which can emit various sulfur-based gases, manufactured in China, during private Florida home construction projects primarily in 2005 and 2006.

As reported by the Tampa Bay Tribune, Lennar company executives stated they recently learned subcontractors used the defective drywall produced in China and have more recently discovered the high sulfur content drywall board may emit various sulfur based gases. Previously this year, product liability reporters at released information homeowners throughout Florida have been complaining about the defective drywall problems in their homes to Lennar company leaders for several years and have failed to address their consumers concerns. The legal action filed by civil trial lawyers asserts the toxic Chinese drywall product causes electrical problems and continues to emit rotten odors in dozens of homes throughout Florida. news for Florida product liability claims.

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