California Highway Patrol says car drivers cause semi-truck wrecks!

CHP reports 7,262 tractor-trailer crashes in 2008 caused by unsafe car drivers.

San Francisco, CA(–The California Highway Patrol (CHP), released a report about the most common cause of tractor-trailer truck wrecks on California highways and roadways in 2008. As reported by the Mercury News, California’s 7,262 semi-truck wrecks last year, 56 percent were caused by unsafe passenger vehicle maneuvers.

Big-rig truck crashes typically cause serious injury and damages including death. CHP officers are pushing to increase automobile driver education when they are sharing the road with a semi-truck. CHP authorities will begin an increase in aircraft and police cruiser sweeps, in Orange County, to enforce traffic laws involving trucks on roadways and highways. news for California automobile accident lawyers.

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