Jamaican police end 174 passenger Canadian hijacked airplane saga!

CanJet Airlines hijacked 202 passenger plane and crew ended by Jamaican police.

New York, NY(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–The CanJet Airlines Boeing 737, hijacked 174 passenger and 8 flight crew member airplane, was finally rescued by a Jamaican anti-terror police unit early Monday morning. A terrorist gun man had hijacked the airplane at Montego Bay, Jamiaca airport on Sunday while the aircraft was being loaded for take-off, reported Bloomberg. Jamaica Information Service officials confirmed the elite Jamaican anti-terror police squad, who disarmed and arrested the gunman on the plane at about 6:40 a.m. local time, rescued the remaining 6 member flight crew.

The Boeing 737 airplane, with 174 confirmed Canadian passengers, operated by Transat Tours Canada, was scheduled to fly via Santa Clara, Cuba, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Sunday. According to company executives with CanJet, a Jamaican airport security breach allowed the armed gun man onto the aircraft when he fired a shot on the gangway leading to the plane. The gun man, who boarded the passenger airplane, demanded to be flown to Cuba. Through negotiations with aviation officials, Jamaican police authorities, and members of his family the hijacker released the 174 passengers and 2 airplane crew members and held the remaining 6 member airline staff. National and international aviation accident investigators are reviewing the airport security breach. The passengers and crew were reportedly uninjured.

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