Tennessee Attorney General settles hurricane gas gouging lawsuit!

27 Middle Tennessee and Knoxville area gas stations defrauded hurricane victims.

Nashville, TN(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–the Tennessee Attorney General has agreed to settle consumer complaints alleging 27 gas stations in throughout the state of Tennessee participated in gas gouging practices before, during and after Hurricane Ike. As reported by Memphis CBS affiliate, NewsChannel3, multiple gas stations sold regular priced gas ranging from $4.69 per gallon to $5.98 per gallon before, during, and after Hurricane Ike struck.

The settlement agreement between the gas stations and the Attorney General was after a lengthy investigation into consumer complaints, company costs, and pricing data. There will be $73,000 available to reimburse wronged drivers and gasoline consumers who submit a valid claim showing they bought the over inflated gas.

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