Houston building collapse kills 1 construction worker-injures 2

HouTex Inn building renovation site collapses killing 1 construction worker.

Houston, TX (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Houston Fire Department and Houston Police Department responded to a 911 building collapse call on Tuesday at the old HouTex Inn. Construction workers at the southside motel, located in the 6300 block of the Gulf Freeway, were replacing joists on the first floor when the building undergoing renovations collapsed ontop of the unsuspecting laborers. Supervisors for Camden Builders, the contractor hired by Houston city officials and New Hope Housing partnership, stated four men were working at the site when the unstable structure collapsed.

When the roof and supporting structures toppled and collapsed, the building renovators were crushed by hundreds of pounds of lumber and concrete. Houston emergency search and rescue teams used dogs, cameras, and high powered tools to cut through the roof, debris and rubble to rescue the trapped workers. The two rescued construction workers were transported by emergency medical personnel to a Harris County hospital to be treated for the injuries they received in The third trapped worker was found in the rubble and pronounced dead at the fatal industrial accident scene. Federal regulators with the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) www.osha.gov are investigating the Camden Builders construction accident.

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