Texas truck driver causes three hit-and-run crashes during police chase

El Paso truck driver causes damages in high speed police chase lands in hospital.

El Paso, TX (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–A 27-year-old man was arrested Monday when he caused 3 separate hit-and-run accidents in a police chase.  Donovan Lee Medina, of Fabens, Texas, was driving his white Ford F-150 when the chaos began.  It all started when Medina ran into the side of a at the residence of 100 block of N.W. C.C Camp with his F-150 truck. When the residents at the home came outside to see what the entire ruckus was about, Medina fled the scene. El Paso County Deputies spotted a white F-150 matching the description of Medina’s truck and attempted to perform a routine traffic stop, but the Ford pickup truck driver refused to yield to officers demands.

The white pickup excelled in speed and continued on for several miles leading authorities into Clint, Texas. Medina lost control of the F-150 when he drove onto the dirt shoulder of the road, and crashed into another residents rock wall at the 1000 block of Cellum. The deranged truck driver proceeded to flee the scene of the accident yet again, and deputies continued on their chase. The horrific police chase finally came to an end when Medina lost control of the pickup truck, for the third time, going around a curve, at a high rate of speed, and rolling the truck over.  The Ford F-150 rolled over one time landing on its roof. Medina was found inside the vehicle and was transported to Thomason Hospital by emergency medical personnel. Medina was placed under the watch of El Paso County Sheriffs Detention Officers and booked Medina while he was in the hospital on multiple charges. Medina caused a total of 3 crashes and the damages have not been totaled.

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