Palm Beach County SUV driver crushes school boy bicycle rider

West Palm Beach area school boy killed by SUV driver.

West Palm Beach, FL (–An SUV killed a little boy riding his bicycle to school this morning in Palm Beach County, Florida. Julio Chino was on his way to Berkshire Elementary School where he was a fifth grade student, when the fatal SUV accident occurred. The automobile accident took place at the intersection of Military Trail and Summit Blvd. According to the Palm Beach Post, the tragedy happened around 7:41 a.m., when Chino was crossing traffic. As the young school boy rode his bicycle across the street at Summit, he was hit by the SUV truck driver. Authorities stated the boy had been struck, thrown underneath the SUV, and dragged over 25 feet.

Palm Beach County police officers say witnesses claimed the boy was wearing a backpack and a helmet when the fatal motor vehicle collision occurred. The helmet did not stay on the child during the course of the crash. His bicycle remained lodged underneath the SUV as investigators worked around the scene. Chino was transported by Palm Beach County Trauma Hawk medical helicopter to Delray Medical Center. He was pronounced dead by doctors at the hospital. Police department traffic fatality accident investigators close the intersection of Military and Summit until 10:30 a.m., this morning. news by Florida personal injury lawyers.

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