Invista settles $500 million federal water, air, hazardous waste violations

12 facilities acquired from DuPont by Invista violated over 680 federal laws.

Washington, D.C. (–Invista, a Kansas based textiles manufacturing company has agreed to spend $500 million to clean up and correct over 680 federal law violations at company locations in seven states. This announcement came from lawyers for the U.S. government on Monday. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Invista disclosed more than 680 federal and state violations to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after an in house audit of 12 facilities Invista bought from DuPont Company in 2004.

According to lawyers with the Justice Department, Invista agreed to pay $1.7 million in fines to the government for violating water, air, hazardous waste and other regulations. Officials with the EPA stated the settlement was the largest under the federal regulatory agencies audit policy. The EPA promotes companies to report and correct environmental violations. Invista is a major textiles manufacturing company and a unit of privately held Koch Industries Inc., based in Wichita, Kansas. The major textile product company makes Lycra, Stainmaster, Coolmax and numerous other polymer-based fibers. Wikipedia estimates Koch Industries, a conglomerate, produces $98 billion in U.S. revenues. news for Washington government health and law claims.

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