Marco Island airplane pilot dies mid-air with passenger landing plane!

Southwest Florida International Airport allows emergency landing after pilot dies.

Fort Myers, FL (–Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials confirmed a passenger on a small twin-engine plane emergently landed an aircraft at Southwest Florida International Airport in Lee County Florida after the pilot died at 10,000 feet. As reported by USA Today, the King Air craft was carrying a total of 6 people, including the pilot and passengers, when the pilot died while flying the plane shortly after he took off from Marco Island Executive Airport on Sunday.

The plane was en route to Jackson, Mississippi when the passengers heroic actions saved himself and the other passengers on the aircraft. The passenger was licensed to fly single-engine planes but not the larger twin-engine. An air traffic controller at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers called a friend in Connecticut familiar with King Air planes and relayed flying and landing instructions. Federal and state regulators are currently investigating the emergency landing. news by Florida aviation accident attorneys.

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