SEO Or Nothing At All – By Lawyer Search Engine Optimization Company

SEO Or Nothing At All – By Lawyer Search Engine Optimization Company


Dallas, Texas ( Even if the your law firm has a comprehensive marketing program and does not rely solely on your website to generate leads, you must adopt SEO or suffer the consequences of web anonymity.  The difference in exposure between a page one ranking and a page two ranking can be the difference between success and failure for your new business program.   The only way to increase unique visits and page views for your law firm’s site is to raise your page rank with Google and other search engines.  Your website can no longer just function as an online brochure.

SEO best practices are in a constant state of evolution, as Google and the other engines change their algorithms on an ongoing basis.  There is no doubt that having fresh relevant content on your site is a good starting point, but SEO is increasingly focused more off-page than on.  Your SEO marketing partner must keep pace with the changing environment, constantly analyze which key words work the best by using web analytics and clearly understand your target audience.

A web-marketing program for your law firm requires a labor-intensive effort virtually on a daily basis.  We typically start with the installation of web analytics to create a baseline, an evaluation of your site for spider friendliness, uniqueness of content and to ensure that your code is compliant from a search engine perspective.

These tasks are designed to make the most of link building strategies that include crafting and distributing news articles and press releases, optimized web-videos and the creation of new pages for your site.  Our firm utilizes proprietary online news portals that include an optimization feature to give every press release the best possibility of being picked up on the web.

We also recommend the inclusion of social media in our search marketing programs since Google and others have given more weight in their algorithms to sites like YouTube and Facebook.  Now is the time to invest in the future of your firm.

As the web environment evolves, your law firm must adapt or become extinct, because when it comes to developing new business the stakes are Darwinian.

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