South Carolina family settle $3 million medical malpractice lawsuit

Chester Regional Medical Center doctors to settle medical negligence claim.

Charleston, SC (–Plaintiff’s lawyers for a Heather Sloan, a patient who allegedly died after negligent treatment at Chester Regional Medical Center’s emergency room, have agreed to settle their lawsuit with six physicians as reported by the Post and Courier. According to court documents, filed by attorneys representing the family of Sloan, the now deceased victim went to Chester Regional hospital on three occasions seeking treatment for her abdominal pain in March 2005.

Sloan was sent home after the medical professional, reading the CT scan the emergency room doctor had ordered, did not see the twisted intestine. Sloan returned to Chester Regional’s emergency department complaining of severe abdominal pain two more times before doctors and surgeons found the bowel torsion. She died the night of the operation from her untreated medical condition. The $3 million settlement agreement with six doctors named in the suit must be approved by the judge. The hospital settled the claim with the family last year for $250,000. news for South Carolina medical malpractice attorneys.

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