U.S. Judge dismisses Senator Steven’s jury verdict cites federal misconduct!

Federal judge orders criminal contempt probe into DOJ’s legal misconduct.

Washington, D.C. (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens, the longest serving Republican in the United States Senate, was exonerated on Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, as reported by Reuters. The federal judge threw out a jury’s corruption verdict, which cost the Alaskan Senator his political seat, citing prosecutorial misconduct.

The judge’s ruling presents after Democratic President Barack Obama’s Justice Department found government prosecuting attorneys, in the Republican Bush administration, had violated their legal duties as lawyers in the case against Stevens. The judge agreed with the current lawyers allegations from Obama’s Justice Department about the former Justice Department’s legal team who brought the case against Stevens. The federal judge agreed attorneys withheld exculpatory evidence. Justice Sullivan named Washington lawyer, Henry Schuelke III, to begin criminal contempt proceedings against the six-member prosecution team. The judge claimed the prosecution’s failures and potential obstruction of justice warranted the court’s probe into the case.

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