Pennsylvania hospital workers file class action wage lawsuit

Pennsylvania hospital workers file class action wage lawsuit


Hourly workers at 2 Pittsburgh hospitals file wage lawsuit in federal court.

Pittsburgh, PA (–A New York employment violations law firm filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania’s U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh claiming University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and West Penn Allegheny Health System violated the federal wage laws. The employment law attorneys have requested class action status by the District Court judge for current and former employees, of the hospital systems, who were cheated out of wages for hours they worked, as reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune on Wednesday.

Court documents reveal employees of the hospitals deducted half-hour meal breaks out of their paychecks even if they worked through their meal times. The legal action filed also alleges employees were not paid for work performed before and after scheduled shifts and not paid for required training. Any employer who fails to pay employees for hours worked and does not allow for breaks as required by federal guidelines is in violation of U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) wage laws. On Monday, a federal lawsuit for two former Pittsburgh Mercy Health System nurses was filed by their employment attorneys. The documents filed in court state the nurses were not paid for training and work they performed during meal breaks over a three-year period.

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