National TV Advertisers Move Online Analysis by Lawyer TV Advertising Agency

/ Quinlan/ 03/31/2009
As reported by Ad Age, Reckitt-Benckiser, the parent company of national brands that include Lysol, Air Wick, Mucinex, and Clearasil, plans to shift an estimated $20 million in TV ad dollars to the web for more than 15 of its brands, including those mentioned above.

This dramatic development represents a quantum leap over 2008 when the company spent less than $1 million on the web and an estimated $475 million on TV.  Their decision to commit such a significant sum is limited to video ad networks that exclusively feature professional content, but are more cost effective than TV network sites like  Video ad networks allow very precise targeting of :15 to :30 second ads on a wide array of  carefully selected video sites that feature content ranging from short clips to  free TV shows. YouTube may have started the new wave but still incorporates many user created videos

Even more significant is that a strategic shift of this magnitude is indicative of how intertwined traditional and digital media have become.  It is a tangible reflection of research that has shown how consumers’ video watching habits have evolved, and could be the bellwether of where the future of video lies.

Even though your personal injury law firm does not have even a fraction of the marketing budget of a national company, developments like this can be helpful in at least two ways.  In the short run it is an affirmation of our belief that marketing is changing dramatically and should include high production value web videos as part of your media mix.  In the long run, major advertisers trial and error in the area of online video advertising will provide valuable lessons for law firm marketing in the future, at no cost to your law firm.

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