Monterey County jury returns $8.6 million motorcycle crash injury verdict!

California to pay biker $8.6 million in damages to paralyzed biker.

San Francisco, CA (–As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, a Monterey County jury ordered California’s Department of Transportation (DOT) to pay a biker paralyzed in a motorcycle crash in 2003 $8.6 million in compensation. According to the personal injury lawsuit, filed in a Monterey County Superior Court, the DOT failed to attempt to control the wild pig population from regularly crossing Highway 1 just south of the Carmel River which led to motorcyclist, Adam Rogers’, catastrophic injuries.

Rogers was riding down the California state highway in 2003 when his motorcycle struck the wild pigs causing him the major bike wreck which left him paralyzed and wheelchair confined for life. The 45 year-old former champion kickboxer and karate teacher will never walk again. The attorney for the plaintiff claimed California created the hazardous condition, was aware of the pigs were crossing the road to feed in a nearby environmental restoration project and did nothing to warn motorists, educate consumers or prevent the animals from crossing. After Rogers’ catastrophic motorcycle crash California officials posted a pig crossing sign and used hunters to control the problem.

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